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Our Rooms

Learning Through Play

Our learning environments are designed to meet the needs of both children and families with specific goals and objectives.

We focus on building on the strengths of each child and taking advantage of each teachable moment.



We have a dedicated baby unit offering a calm caring learning environment for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years. Our baby unit offers places for up to 15 children with a dedicated highly skilled baby room team.

The baby room has its own milk preparation area where bottles and snacks can be easily accessed throughout the day.

The cosy, home-like environment offers a wide range of resources to explore and cultivate curiosity and learning such as a range of treasure baskets, sensory play, home corner and cosy comfy areas where the children can snuggle and relax.


Our slide with stairs and ramp allows your children to build on their physical skills at their leisure.


The babies access the outdoor play area each day and attend trips within the local community.



Our toddler room caters for up to 12 children with direct access to our outdoor play area. Our toddler room offers a variety of activities to stimulate your toddler's imagination through play.


Toddlers are given the freedom to experience a range of sensory play including sand, water and a creative station. Allowing their creative side to be explored at their leisure.


Also on offer is a large role play area, construction and small world fun zone as well as magic maths learning - to begin to support your child's experience of numbers and shapes through play. 


Our experienced staff use the children's interest and learning needs to set up a stimulating learning environment supporting your child as they freely explore.



The pre-school room provides care for up to 23 children and offers a well-resourced learning environment to support learning and preparation for school.


The space provides a home from home feel with a range of areas to stimulate the imagination and challenge learning.


We nurture the children's natural curiosity at the investigation station - encouraging them to use their senses to explore a range of objects such as Little Sparks treasure and natural objects.  A firm favourite is using the light-up magnifying glasses to explore and describe every detail to one another!

The interactive whiteboard where children can explore phonics, pencil control activities and develop their ICT skills completes this space.


Sensory Area

In addition to our three rooms, Little Sparks Clayton has its very own sensory room. 

The sensory room not only contains a second nursery library but offers a quiet space for the children to explore treasure and sensory baskets, to enjoy lightbox activities which encourage a range of fine motor activities that support concentration and problem-solving.


Children's learning experience are furthered with play in the large ball pool and lights den, complete with flashing lights and fibre optic fun. 


Outdoor Space

The outdoor play area is split into three sections where all children can explore the natural world.


Our garden offers a bike and tricycle riding area, a large climbing frame with slide and castle and telescopes which are adored by the children.  


No nursery garden would be complete without a mud kitchen where tasty treats can be created, along with a gardening patch.


The garden classroom boasts its very own piano, reading library and mark making area.


Little Sparks children enjoy playing outdoors in all weathers, throughout the seasons.

Parents are asked to provide wellies and wet suits, but spares are always on hand so the children can have lots of fun splashing and getting messy.

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